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Gardening Hack #7 РNot For The Birds 


A birdbath doesn’t have to be for the birds. Instead, fill the bath with succulents or flowers to create a small, yet beautiful planter. If you have a small pond or pool in your backyard, this can make the perfect landscaping accent to make the best use of small spaces.

No containers are required for this one. All you need is a birdbath, soil, and your favorite succulents or flowers to design a tiny, green oasis that is certain to liven up even the smallest of yards. If you don’t have an old birdbath sitting around though, it’s okay. If you’ve fallen in love with this idea, you can check out the Bloem Promo Bird Bath by clicking on the image below. For the rest of you, let’s continue on to small space gardening hack #8 where we table our greens for a while.

Bloem Birdbath

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