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Gardening Hack #12 – Make it Mini


Terrariums are meant to be miniature gardens that take up minimal space. With a small, glass terrarium, soil, and a few small plants you’ve got the perfect miniature garden. Cacti, succulents, small ferns, and venus fly traps are a few examples of ideal terrarium plants.

Because of their small size, these tiny gardens are easy to place on a counter, window sill, or can even be hung from the ceiling without taking up too much space. Borrowing from our previous tip, you can also incorporate these into your home’s decor. Just check out this clever terrarium table you can get for your living room! It’s a great option to bring some life into your home and sure to be a talking point when guests are over. For our next tip, we’re headed back outdoors so keep reading to see how we take it to the next tier.

A glass terrarium that also serves as a glass table below a hanging television.

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