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Gardening Hack #5 – Work Your Windows


Window boxes are great for small spaces since they really don’t require any extra room. Pick your favorite flowers and give yourself a beautiful view of blooms. Choose buds for each season to keep your window box lively all year round. You can even build your own herb garden in the kitchen window to have access to fresh ingredients when you’re cooking dinner.

Window boxes come in several different types of materials including vinyl, wood, metal, and fiberglass. This is a wonderful choice if you’re looking for something to add visual appeal to the outside of your home. You can also work your window sills by creating a small container garden inside. This attractive window planter pictured below is one of many options you can check out by clicking here to order online. Next up, we’re taking a step in a different direction with a unique up-cycling idea you’re sure to love.

A wooden window planter box

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