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Fertilizer-For-Less is a premier resource for finding certified organic and natural fertilizers on Amazon and elsewhere around the web,

AFFILIATE WEBSITE DISCLOSURE: This website is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com and way may also participate in other affiliate programs from time to time. We don’t presently carry inventory, but we do research and recommend some really great products for you. Our recommended fertilizer products:

  • Save you money
  • Growing has never been easier!
  • Build soil
  • reduce dependence on costly amendments

Let us do the research for you. Need to buy several 50 pound bags quick? No problem! Looking for a liquid spray product? We have that too. Foliar feeding with liquid organic fertilizers is up to 20x more efficient. It makes plants tolerate drought better. Our fertilizers build up soil. Want to know how? Read on for more info!

Build Healthy Soil with Amendments – Shop Natural Pest Control

Our recommended fertilizers maintain and build the soil. They’re great because they encourage microbial growth and the breakdown of nutrients. Liquid formulations allows for rapid uptake when applied directly to leaves (foliar feeding). This adds more nutrition than applying specialty fertilizers to the soil. Read this product label to learn why this works so well.

  • Plants respond to foliar feedings within hours instead of days. So, choose fast acting and efficient organic foliar sprays.
  • Did you know that only 7-8% of the nutrients in chemical fertilizers get used by plants?

However, natural liquid fertilizers are made with highly soluble and bioavailable nutrients. Your plants will love it. In addition to quality natural fertilizer, we also offer topsoil, soil amendments, organic pest control products, compost tea, books & resources, and tools for your garden or farm. Our Goal: To be your one-stop-shop for all things Gardening & Farming.

Great Products – Fertilizers | Amendments | Pest Control | Tools

We have products suited for everyone. From the backyard part-time homesteader to the large farm, our recommended products work great. We offer N-P-K ratio’s to meet any need.

In addition to fertilizers, we have recommendations for everything from soil amendments and seeds to gardening tools and organic pest control products. Looking for a great resource on Permaculture or Regenerative Agriculture? Look no further! We’re dedicated to compiling the best list of products for gardening enthusiasts.

Top products we recommend…



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Books on organic…


Let us help compare different products and services before you buy any wholesale garden supplies. Organic growing programs differ greatly from what you may be used to. Get the info you need quick by:


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Verdanta EcoVita 7-5-10


  • Organic Product (OMRI Listed)
  • Micro granular fertilizer for fast rooting
  • Product label and bar code visible
  • Low salt index

BUY EcoVita 7-5-10 ONLINE


Verdanta® K-Vita™, 2-0-20


  • Great root growth
  • Excellent for seedings and cuttings
  • Added potassium
  • Increases stress tolerance



General Organics BioThrive Grow Fertilizer, 15 Gallon



Pest Control Options

Here’s some organic pest control options we found. You’ll find dealer product supplies for everything from wasp control to garden-safe ant poison. We also cover a lot of lawncare topics and products too, whether you need something small like weed-eater cord or something large like tractor parts. Need a non-toxic product for garden pests? Just look to the products on the right ?

Permaculture Gardening Tools

Here’s a few tools to interest everyone from the Permaculture enthusiast to beginner gardener. All are high-quality tools for small scale and perennial food production. Take a quick look:

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Fertilizing the Organic Garden

In general, organic fertilizers come from plants, animals, or minerals. The material gets broken down by soil organisms into nutrients that plants can utilize. Organic fertilizers usually contain significant amounts of only one major nutrient and some traces of many...

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Your Organic Farm’s Best Friend – Product Label

We’ve compiled a recommendation list of quality, discount natural fertilizers available in bulk – including this find with powerful mycorrhizae. So, we strive to be your one source for everything Gardening or Farming related. Been searching where to buy organic fertilizer or looking for a specific crop guide? If so, you’re at the right place! We’re here to help.

Where possible, we’ve included product labels and bar code images so you can know all the details before you buy.

The Organic Choice for Plants

At Fertilizer for Less, we suggest products suited to many different growing applications. Use fertilizer for:

  • Grass Care
  • Growing Crops
  • Wildlife Feed Plots
  • Livestock Nutrition
  • Greenhouse Plants

Versatility is an important thing about these products. We found many size options, and specific nutrient profiles. Purchase as little as a quart or get bulk fertilizers for a commercial farm. The right products for whatever crop you’re growing! Your choice for bulk fertilizer of the highest quality. Our recommended lists of organic liquid fertilizers are suited to grow any plant in any USDA zone.

Documentation and Support for America’s Farmers and Gardeners

We add specific care guides for most common crops. Our goal is to daily add knowledge needed for a productive growing season. Let us help! Want specific information about a particular plant like strawberries? Check out our News section for growing guides. Consider making the transition to organic growing. We can help save money. Organic products add to your soil.

  • Reduce your risk of plant shock.
  • Increase drought tolerance.
  • Shop for a better farming future.

Still need help? sales@fertilizerforless.com