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It has been scientifically proven that having green vegetation in the home lowers stress and improves mood. Growing plants can even aid in productivity!

Although the benefits are clear, many aspiring (and veteran) gardeners run into a major problem, lack of space. It’s frustrating isn’t it? Maybe your yard is just too small, or you live in an apartment and have no yard at all. Whatever the case may be, there’s options for you to enjoy growing your own garden in small spaces. This massive list of small space gardening ideas will help you make the most use of what you have, so bookmark this page and come back before your next trip to the garden center. Here is a list of 20 small space growing ideas that every gardening enthusiast can try.

Gardening Hack #1 – Contain The Greens

One of the best ways to grow veggies, herbs, fruit, and other plants in a small space is with containers. You can choose plastic or clay pots for your container garden, which will give you a small, versatile garden that you can easily care for.

Container gardening is also fairly low-maintenance compared to full gardens and can give you the option to have a larger variety of plants. Your choice in pots can get quite creative such as using galvanized tubs instead of regular pots. This is a great way for beginning gardeners to learn, especially if you don’t have a lot of time to commit to caring for your plants. This attractive Grecian Urn pictured below would make a great addition to just about any doorway. Check it out or click the button below to continue on to the next gardening tip you can use to take your small spaces to the next level.

A Grecian Urn style of plant container

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