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Gardening Hack #3 – Raise The Beefsteaks


Raised beds are the ideal outdoor garden for small yards. There are plenty of ways to create your own raised bed or several options to purchase, such as wooden boxes, plastic planters, or metal beds. This option allows you to grow several different plants. Fans of companion planting love the ability to stack complimentary herbs and veggies together where they can benefit from each other’s company.

You can even divide the bed so you can plant your beefsteak tomatoes right next to your marigolds and your lettuce next to your forget-me-nots. This option is possibly the closest to a full garden that one can get when working with a small area. Raised beds often have better drainage and fewer weeds than full gardens. This is another great way for new gardeners to learn. Pictured below you’ll find one of many easy to setup garden beds available over at Do My Own at the time of writing. Now let’s go vertical with your gardening again. If you have a 2-story home, pay close attention to our #4 tip that’s up next on the list.

A Raised Bed Garden That's Easy to Setup

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