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how to keep your lawn from dying after huge party
Party ON! Just take care of the lawn!

Lawn Care Tips for Party Animals

Planning to hold a huge lawn party? Beer kegs included? If so, better prepare your lawn in advance if you don’t want it to end up dying, which can be a huge eyesore to you and your neighbors. One important note: prevention is always better than cure. Now let’s get started.

To help you keep your lawn healthy, green and lustrous after the event, check out some of our best tips below:

Prepare your lawn in advance.

preparing lawn for a big lawn party

When a homeowner is to host a party, the common practice is to put in the most effort in tidying their home and their backyard before the big day. Only a few people will even think about preparing their lawns. But you’re not most people, right? If you’re a lawn care fanatic, there’s no reason to keep party-goers inside. Take the party outdoors in full confidence that your grass will be just fine when the hangovers are over.

Take some time to prepare beforehand. In turn, your lawn will look its best during and even after the celebration.

Mow, weed and fertilize.

Start preparing your lawn a few days before the party by giving it a thorough going-over mow. Then weed and fertilize as required.

Water deeply.

During the summer (even without a party), you should be watering your lawn on a weekly basis and fertilizing it every 8 to 10 weeks. It is important that you water deeply so as to allow water to penetrate the soil. Doing this will encourage the roots to grow deeper allowing your lawn to survive dry periods since it can access water deep down. A lawn that isn’t getting enough water may take on a yellowish or brownish appearance which isn’t a good sign.


Aeration every three months is also very important especially in areas where your lawn is exposed to high traffic. For small years, aeration shoes or a garden fork will work. Wider and bigger lawns would need a large aerator or corer.

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Fixing a lawn that is in a bad shape before the party.

In case your lawn isn’t looking great weeks or days before the big day, you don’t have to worry as you may still be able to bring it back to what it was before by following some simple steps.

If you still have enough time (at least 3 weeks before the party), apply a top dressing of very sandy soil. Then fertilize and irrigate as usual. Just be sure you don’t cover the grass completely with the top dressing. Doing so will prevent blades from getting enough sunlight.

Just have a few days left? Then get a few rolls of turf and patch those uneven areas. Simple, easy, quick and cheap!

Prepare your lawn on the day of the party.

It is strongly recommended NOT to mow your lawn just before the celebration. That extra length that you’re supposed to remove will provide more cushion for the soil. Moreover, it will feel softer to step on.

The perfect time to mow is a day or two ahead.Mow in alternate directions and impress your guests with a stylish and patterned lawn. Once you’re done mowing, be sure to pick up grass clippings fora perfect pristine look. Watering your lawn before the party should be avoided as heavy foot traffic on a wet grass can result into a muddy mess. In case you really need to, be sure you have enough time to let it dry before the occasion.

A few hours before the party, using a leaf blower, blow away leaves and debris.

Spread the party across your lawn area.

Avoid having your guests, pets, and outdoor furniture placed in a single place as this can result in browning and compaction of your lawn. Spreading the party across your lawn will minimize compaction as all your lawn will absorb the impact.

Keep pets off the lawn as much as possible.

keep pets off lawn before party

Pets can sure add up to the fun during the occasion, but they tend to create holes, unwanted odor, and discoloration to your lawn from their wastes. Though you don’t have to totally ban them from joining the party, you can keep them off your lawn as much as possible by having a blanket or mat on a designated area to allow them to roam freely without damaging your lawn.

Keeping your lawn clean

keeping lawn clean before, during, after party

Trash, spilled drinks, or dropped food is a common scenario during a party and you can’t really do something about it. But these can ruin your lawn’s PH balance that can lead to discoloration or patching. So you may want to pick up any wastes as soon as you see it -hopefully, it isn’t too much to ruin the fun. For spilled alcohol, soda or juices, water the area with a hose or run the sprinkler for about 10 minutes.This will dilute any harmful chemicals, thus reducing the risk of damaging your lawn.

Post-party lawn care.

After the fun-filled party, be sure to spend some time to check the health of your lawn. Clean up your garden area and aerate your lawn focusing on parts where there had been a lot of traffic to prevent compaction. And as usual, fertilize and irrigate. Lastly, have fun!

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