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Through the Fall and Winter months we’re all about as equally guilty of letting our lawns slip away from us. Are you wanting that lush green lawn back anytime soon? I know I do! So here are some great tips for restoring the lush green health of your lawn. Because why let the grass grow greener on the other side when your lawn could be the one the neighbors are jealous of?

Soil Needs Nutrition, Too.


Yeah, that’s right. Lawns need a diet just like we do. Unfortunately, most of the time, your lawn isn’t getting even half of the nutrients it needs to thrive. Optimal soil nutrients help maximize the growth and overall green look of your grass. You can find grass nutrients at the Hardware store. When used properly, you can have a picture perfect lawn and be the neighbor everyone is jealous of. Turns out, the grass is always greener on your side of the fence.


Watering the Lawn?


Okay, so we all may have made fun of the people watering their lawns through the years, but there can be some excellent benefits to watering the lawn.


However, there is a catch…


Turning the sprinkler on for a few minutes every day isn’t a good idea, but if you’re doing what we call a “deep watering” once every week or so, you’ll end up with more deeply rooted, lush, green grass and because it’s further rooted in the ground your grass will survive droughts much easier.

You want to give your lawn an inch to an inch and a half of water every week or so. To measure it, set a container out while you have the sprinkler on and then measure it. If you need to adjust the sprayer heads or invest in a few more to cover the entire lawn, go ahead and do it. Nothing can beat that beautiful green look, after all.

Grass Clippings=Nutrients


There’s not many people who really appreciate the look of grass clippings all over their lawn, but if you can bear to look at them for a week or so while they’re breaking down, we recommend you do. Why? Because leaving your grass clippings on top of your grass while they break down will help bring nutrients back into your grass and you can also keep more unnecessary waste out of the landfill. Awesome, right??


There’s lots of ways to make your lawn look more level, more fresh, more green and more wonderful. When it comes to restoring the health and life of your lawn, It’s okay to get your hands dirty and aerate, mulch and water your yard. If you want to be the envy of the neighborhood, get ready to make your grass more green than it has ever been. Enjoy!