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“Water sucks…it really, really sucks” – from the movie The Water Boy


watering wands for garden plant care


H2O doesn’t really suck, and it’s definitely got what plants need, unlike Brawndo. What does suck is breaking your back trying to water plants in your garden. That’s where a water wand can be a really big help.


Water wands are simply that. A wand that connects to your garden hose and allows you to reach plants without bending over and straining your back. It’s perfect for the small garden where you can’t really justify a complicated irrigation system just to tend to a few plants. If you’ve got hanging baskets, these can save you the hassle of trying to reach them.


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The Benefits of Gardening with a Watering Wand


Aside from preventing back strain, there are a few other benefits to using a watering wand to tend to your plants. For starters, it can save on water. Using a wand allows you to only water the areas immediately around your plants. You’ll avoid helping out nearby weeds and cut down on water consumption at the same time.


Another benefit is that they typically break up the water into a fine mist that won’t damage young and tender plants. Avoid high-pressure sprayers and opt for a watering wand specifically designed to protect plants from fast jets of water.


Water Wands for Effective Pest Control?


Yes, that’s right! A watering wand is yet another tool in your arsenal. Use it to battle aphids, mites, and any other pests that are threatening your plants. The sprayer can be set to be gentle enough to not damage plants yet powerful enough to knock off insects and drown them. How’s that for organic pest control?