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Not everyone lives in a home with a huge back yard. Many people don’t have a garden at all, let alone a massive one. For those who are fortunate enough to have an outdoor space but aren’t so lucky as to live somewhere with acres of land, it can be difficult to figure out how best to make use of a small outdoor space. With larger back yards, you can experiment with different landscaping, water features, planting sections – the list is almost endless. However, just because your garden is small doesn’t mean it can’t be a source of great joy and pleasure. Take a look at these tips to help make the most out of your small garden.


Give it a Purpose


While larger back yards can afford to give space to a vegetable patch, a play area, a lawn and a pond all in one, smaller gardens don’t have the luxury of excess room. This is why it can be useful to decide upon one or two purposes and make your garden excel at those, rather than try to squeeze too much into such a tiny area. If you have young children, for example, you might want to dedicate the space to outdoor play and forego the dangers of a water feature. If you see your garden as a sanctuary from the busy world, turn it into a peaceful paradise with mood lighting and comfortable furniture.


Keep it Clean and Neat


With a smaller space, whether it’s outdoors or indoors, keeping it tidy is especially important. Smaller spaces are more susceptible to appearing cluttered or unclean since they don’t have the luxury of distance between objects. Just as you would keep your home clean, it’s also necessary to maintain a healthy garden. Pests can threaten your plants and even venture into your home if they aren’t caught in time. Gulf Coast Exterminators has provided reasonably priced and very effective pest control in Kingwood Texas for over 20 years, offering to help keep your garden and home protected.


Use Clever Space-Saving Solutions


If you want to pack as much into your small back yard as possible, try using a few space-saving tricks. Use weather-proof shelves to plant small stacks of flowers or find multi-purpose furniture that you can easily stow away when not in use.


Fill it with Plants

If you can’t decide on a purpose for your yard, you can’t go wrong with filling it to the brim with greenery. Learn which types of plants are most likely to thrive in the specific environment of your garden and take into account temperature ranges, humidity and soil quality before choosing what to plant. Perhaps you would prefer to grow your own vegetables or spices. Different flowers can attract interesting insect life to your garden. Once you have a better idea of what you are able to sustain in your home climate, you can decide more specifically what you would like to grow.