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Because Florida has a very temperate climate year-round, people love to enjoy relaxing at their swimming pool. In most cases, the pool is surrounded by lush greenery to add a bit of beauty and color.

If you are looking for a certain style, don’t worry, there are a number of plants to fit your specific need. Most of these plants need very little tending and they don’t interfere in your pool in a way that will cause damage. 

Before you plant, it’s always a good idea to check out soil conditions, root systems, and other factors such as space. Anything aggressive in nature or that is not a good fit for your pool area should be avoided.

Whether you already have a beautiful pool, or you have the top pool construction professionals in the process of designing one, adding the perfect plants is simply the perfect way to top it off!

decorative image of the state of Florida

The Best Outdoor Pool Plants for Florida Pools

Agave – Since some parts of Florida can get very hot, Agave is a very good choice. Some of the breeds do have thorns, which is not good if you have small children scampering around. Try the Agave attenuata. It’s a smaller version that grows about 3-feet wide. It’s very pretty and sprouts blue-green leaves. This plant is found primarily in Central and South Florida. A top choice to accentuate any outdoor swimming pool.

Banana – These are lovely trees that grow up to 25 feet. Not only does it have lush leaves, but also edible fruit. If you want your pool area to have a tropical feel, the banana tree is just what you need. There are several types, so if you don’t want something very tall, dwarf versions of up to 6 feet are available. All they need are full soil and bright sunshine.

Bamboo Palm – This plant, with green stalks and flowering fronds, resembles a regular palm tree. They are not invasive and can grow anywhere from 3 to 12 feet tall. They do really well in partial shade and moist soil; not drenched. Bamboo Palm is sensitive to colder temperatures. There are areas of Florida that can have those sub-freezing cold snaps in the winter. Take special care if you live in those northern Florida regions.

Bird of Paradise – A plant you cannot go wrong with. There are two types: white and orange. These plants also give your pool area a nice tropical appeal. The flowers look exactly like a bird in flight, hence the name. They bloom year-round, with the white version having blue and white flowers and the orange variety sprouting blue and orange. These plants can grow quite tall with a height of up to 30-feet. If contained to a planter, only about 3 to 5 feet.

Schefflera – Another winner with large, tropical palmate leaves. This tall plant resembles an umbrella, as the top has large leaves on top with a bare trunk beneath. These are ideal poolside plants, as they grow up to 25-feet tall and 10-feet wide. In the summertime, long rows of beautiful red berries form. They are found mostly in Central and South Florida.

Whether you need some added beauty or a nice cover from the heat, a nice plant is a great asset.

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