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top 5 cannabis growing tips

Constant attention and sufficient resources are required to grow cannabis. It’s certainly a time-consuming process that would require you to put in large amounts of effort. So if you’re into cannabis-planting, it’s a must that you do things the right way to enjoy a good harvest.


Following these 5 tips from Fertilizers for Less will ensure you grow the best buds possible.


Genetics play an essential role.


The quality of the cannabis crop partially depends on the seed quality. So you should take seed selection as a serious part of the whole process as it will greatly influence the final outcome of your buds.


Every grower has their own preference when it comes to strains. Some prefer a powerful, cerebral Sativa high because it makes them feel energized and motivated.While others prefer stoney indica highs that results in calm and restful states.


Genetic consideration is also very important as you’ll have to identify what type of seed you need to plant depending on the type of environment you, as a grower have access to.


Say, you’re growing in a small indoor space, auto-flowering strains would be your best option. But, if you have access to a large outdoor space, then you can opt to go with genetics that results in huge, towering bushes.


Use seed and not clones.


Using cloned seeds may have their fair share of advantages but it’s risky. Plants produced by clones are the exact genetic copy of the original plant.


This only means that they’ll be carrying all the genetic traits of the mother plant which may include weaknesses and diseases. So if you receive a clone from a plant with an unknown history, you are at risk of growing something less than what you had hoped for by taking it to seed.


Use quality soil for a quality plant.


For your cannabis plant to remain robust and vibrant, they need to get the correct amounts and types of nutrients. And most of these nutrients will come from the soil through their root system.


Using a basic, poor-quality soil will not be able to provide your plant with their much-needed minerals and elements, which may lead to slow growth and even reduced quality of the flowers. So it’s important to use quality organic soil that is packed with nutrients for an optimal growth.


Use fertilizers and boosters.


Using quality soil will spare you from adding certain supplements that may do more harm than good to your cannabis plant. Cannabis planted on depleted soil usually suffers from unwanted consequences that force growers to use synthetic products to try to restore the plant’s health.


But keep in mind that incorrect use of these products may result in undesirable outcomes like root burn, or damaged and weak leaves which will then lead to a nutrient lockout and obstructed photosynthesis. That’s why we recommend investing in organic fertilizer option for your marijuana plants like these – https://www.fertilizerforless.com/2019/04/20/the-best-marijuana-fertilizers-and-nutrients/


Organic fertilizers are much less risky when it comes to causing nitrogen burns and when you’re dealing with a very important crop, it pays to play it safe!


Your plant needs plenty of light.


Your plants need enough light to create energy which will allow them to survive, thrive and produce the frostiest and dankest buds you can imagine.


The green pigment chlorophyll plays a great role in converting the energy received into sugars which are the plant’s foods. The more energy they create and consume, the larger and more vibrant they become.

If you’re growing indoors, you might want to use powerful grow lights like HPS and LEDs to provide your crop with enough light to grow fast and strong, which will then lead to improved potency and larger yields.


Cannabis planting may sound like an arduous and time-consuming task. But with proper knowledge and patience, you’ll soon be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor.


Just like any other plants, cannabis also needs occasional foods. Be sure to only get and give them what they need. Shop for appropriate fertilizers at Fertilizers for LESS Now!