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When designing your garden, you often think about how it would look as you stand outside surrounded by it. What sort of feeling and atmosphere does it create, and how does your back garden flow? But what you may also want to consider is how your garden looks in terms of a backdrop for your home when you’re inside. If you have windows that overlook the garden, why not design the kind of gardenscape that can be enjoyed outdoors and indoors?

Here are some ways you can create the perfect garden backdrop that can be seen from indoors as well.

Think About Height and Density

The first thing to be mindful of is height and density when it comes to the garden foliage. Try standing at various windows/doors in the home that look out at the garden. Pay close attention to how much of the area is visible from indoors when sitting and standing. You’ll likely need various heights of greenery for it to be visible indoors.

The density refers to how much you will pack into a garden, and how deep it will go. This is also where height will be important so that each item pops and stands out, and doesn’t end up buried.

Play-Off the Home Décor and Design

Here’s a tip straight from the professionals, but why not take design elements from the home and use them to inspire your garden? Maybe you’re in the process of redesigning a kitchen, family room, or bathroom – those same colour palettes and concepts can be applied outdoors in a creative way. All you have to do is walk through a professional showroom, such as the bathroom showroom at St. Albans, and you will start to get an idea of how colours can play off each other. You’ll see that the use of texture can make elements pop and you can then apply that to items in the garden. The result is interior and exterior designs that complement each other and create more of a whole-home vibe.

Plants growing near a wall outdoors.

Bright Colours Will be the Most Noticeable

When it comes to the colours you choose, bright items will be the most noticeable from indoors. However, it’s important to note that you can also end up going overboard. If everything is bright and you have a huge array of colours, it starts to get busy and then nothing stands out. Just as you would with interior design, choose a couple of focal points or main features and the rest should be secondary. You may want to stick to two to three main colours as this will be enough to add interest but not overload the senses.

Choose Items that Move with the Wind

The final tip is to pick some items that move with the wind. Movement helps to create a sense of peace and nature as you’re peering out the window. Leaves and branches that are gently blowing in the wind are extremely comforting. You are setting a scene with the garden, so you have to think about how it appeals to all the senses.

All of these tips will help you to create the perfect garden backdrop that you’ll enjoy for years to come.