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“What is a Green Roof?”

A green roof is any roof covered with a waterproof membrane and soil with vegetation. Green roofs tend to be very environmentally friendly as well as cost efficient. They can reduce stormwater runoff, energy use and the heat island effect.

“What is the heat island Effect?”

Great question! The term “heat island” describes the way most urban areas tend to be a little warmer than nearby rural areas. In some cases, the temperature difference can be pretty significant. The reason for this change in temperature is due to many different contributing factors. Especially in the summer, there is a high energy demand. Air-conditioning, pollution and greenhouse gases all contribute to the heat island effect. In the evenings, the change in temperature can be even more significant in urban areas due to the storage of heat in the roads, roofs and other structures.

“How are Green Roofs Energy Efficient?”

Green roofs can provide extensive air quality benefits. They have the ability to absorb greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, and even pollutants and dust! Green roofs will set you on a path to breathe easier, as well as breathing cleaner, better air.


Green roofs also reduce the heat flux through the roof. Do you know what this means?

Less energy for cooling things down or heating things up can lead to significant savings in cost.


Prepare to be amazed, folks. Because not only is a green roof going to save you money while saving energy, a green roof can even extend the life of a traditional roof by almost three times its original lifespan! Can you believe that?! This means that while you may have to replace a traditional roof every ten or fifteen years depending on the type of shingles you have, you don’t have to replace a green roof for between thirty or fifty years. Talk about savings!


Another environmental benefit of a green roof that is rarely considered but very important, is that a green roof protects the building from direct solar radiation in the summer. Instead of enduring asphalt damage, sun bleaching, or warping and cracking, consider going green when it comes to your roof. It definitely pays off in the long run.

“How Much Does a Green Roof typically Cost?”

The cost of a green roof is estimated to average between $15 to $20 per square foot.

This is the estimated cost for all of the different types of green roofs, including but not limited to: high density residential, commercial, industrial, etc. This estimated cost also includes the soil and plants.

A Green Roof Can Raise the Value of Your Home

It’s true. Having a green roof can raise the value of your home and land. It’s like having an aesthetically appealing tree in a good place in the front yard, or having a good landscape. But the increased land value doesn’t stop with you. It actually increases the value of the houses and land around you, too!

If you ever sell your house, a green roof can raise the marketability and value of your home. The chances of having good prospective buyers goes up when you have a green roof, too.

Decorative as well as Eco-Friendly

Green roofs can be some of the most stunning things you’ll ever see. But the best part is that it’s not just beautiful; It’s eco-friendly! Consider the wonderful benefits to having a green roof in your life. Temperature control, noise reduction and even a habitat for wildlife right over your head!

If you want to dive in and learn more about what a green roof can do for you and how you can get one for yourself, consider speaking to some licensed roof installers and making your wish come true. There’s nothing like a cost-effective, long lasting, beautiful, eco-friendly roof, now is there?