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As with any business, the farming business requires specific processes and systems to be put in place and be well-maintained, whereby the business owner can track and recognize sales, costs, and expenses. That is why it is critical for farmers to use accounting software for farmers. Whether you are a large farmer with hundreds of staff or a small farmer that is ran with just a few individuals, a small farm accounting systems need to be set up for the way you run your business.

Farm Accounting Software

Monitoring Shifts in the Marketplace

As a farmer, it’s important for you to both know and understand the markets that you serve and whether or not those markets are yielding a profit or a loss. Having an accounting software in place designated specifically for farmers is what allows you to track sales using a variety of different formats. For example, you can track your highest paying clients as well as your top selling products. You can also track seasonal sales, and those products that sell more in certain months more so than others.

As one of the country’s most highly demanding market traders, it is important for you to track the produce that you crop whereby you can sell produce do accounting easily with software designed specifically to perform farm accounting.

In fact, farm accounting software will also allow you itemize the cost involved with running and maintaining a farm. It will allow you to review financial information as it relates to true direct cost so that you will be able to identify where all of your spending is going as you get your product and packaged and ready for the marketplace.

Other costs such as packaging, as well as shipping and delivery, eat right into your gross profit margins and are worth being tracked to better monetize this system. A review of these costs can help you make decisions about whether or not you should change members of your supply chain and the cost associated with logistics and moving products from your farm into the hands of your customer in general.

Monitoring Inventory Tracking and Control Systems

Like all product-based businesses, farmers are also required to have reliable inventory systems put in place. An accounting software program will also allow you to track, manage and control your inventory on a day-to-day basis.

Unlike most businesses, farmers do not have the luxury of utilizing certain inventory systems, such as just-in-time systems as their crops have a very short shelf life cycle and must be sold as quickly as possible to eliminate spoilage.

With an accounting system in place designed specifically for farmers, you will be able to set up inventory systems based on the life-cycle of the crops that you sell and better determine exactly how long your products have been sitting on the shelf. This is particularly important if farmers need to store products that may be out of season.

Tracking Losses and Damaged Goods

A farmer knows better than anyone about how quickly they can experience the loss of their crops due to pest or bad weather. Having farm accounting in place can also help you to track and write off any possible losses.

Measuring True Profits

Whether you are a B2B company and sell to restaurant chains and grocery stores or a B2C company and sell directly to the end-user, your profit margins will be different based on both the supply chain that you use and your overall business model in general. Obviously, you will yield the greatest profit margin’s when selling directly to the end-user. A small farm accounting software will allow you to track profits based on your various markets that you sell to.

If you are one of one of the highly sought-after market traders, or basically a B2B business entity, you will need to sell in large volumes to experience profits and reach your monthly, quarterly and annual sales goals. In order to do that, you will need systems in place that allows you to sell produce do accounting easily while being confident that you are reviewing reports created using a farm accounting software system that provides you with the accurate financial data you need to recognize true profits based on various sales reports.

Make Better, Overall Business Decisions

As a farmer, you understand the marketplace better than anyone as well as what is required to be both effective and profitable. That is another reason why obtaining accounting software for farmers will help you and your CPA to make better decisions about the products that you carry. And if you don’t have a professional CPA already, that’s one of the most important things you can do to protect your business from mistakes that can lead to increased tax liability and audits.

As a farmer, your business model, along with your day to day systems and processes are unique and specific to your business and to your industry. Only you know how important those processes and systems are and how important it is to your business to maintain them. Shouldn’t you also have an accounting software program in place that’s specific to your business too? Not only will it help you better operate your business, but a small farm accounting system will also better streamline your business and reduce the stress associated with operating it.

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