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Who Sells a Good AGGRAND Replacement?

AGGRAND, the natural and organic fertilizer product ceased operations on August 31st, 2017. Are there any alternatives available on Amazon and elsewhere? Yes, but it really all depends on your application. Here’s a few suggestions I have for anyone looking for a replacement to AGGRAND fertilizers:

Neptune’s Harvest – From a product quality and ingredient standpoint, this is probably the closest thing we are going to find to AGGRAND for sale on Amazon. It’s also available in larger sizes which is a plus for anyone working on a larger piece of land. They have several different formulas for sale on Amazon with similar N-P-K numbers to the old AGGRAND products. Click here to purchase Neptune’s Harvest on Amazon.

Bio-Activate by JH BiotechThis product is marketed as something you can use as a foliar spray and it comes in larger sizes like AGGRAND. This product includes plant hormones from natural sources, sea kelp. This product can be used from start to finish for all crops and can be applied as a foliar spray and as a root zone feed. It contains special organic compounds that facilitate uptake of vitamins, minerals and other ingredients while raising cellular-level metabolism. It’s very well reviewed and looks like a viable replacement for AGGRAND in some applications.

Those seem to be among the most well-reviewed products available as a Bulk Liquid Fertilizer. If you’re a small-scale farmer or gardener looking for a viable alternative to AGGRAND, we have a list for you below…

Alternatives to AGGRAND for Small Gardens

Backyard gardeners, and local food enthusiasts had learned to love the amazing results they were seeing with AGGRAND organic fertilizers. But all good things must come to an end. While we’re sad to see AGGRAND disappear, we still want to provide backyard hobbyist gardeners with some eco-friendly fertilizer options.

If you’ve used AGGRAND before, you know that foliar feeding with a liquid organic fertilizer improves absorption over conventional fertilizers. For many of you, the proof was in the healthy tomatoes, cucumbers, and beans. But now you’re probably looking for a safe and natural alternative. Here’s a few options we found on the web:


Find an Alternative to AGGRAND for Organic Lawncare

Here’s an alternative to AGGRAND for your lawn care.

AGGRAND helped many homeowners get that lush, green lawn without the chemicals. But there are alternatives. We put together this post so you can find new options for organic plant fertilizer. Get organic lawn care and pest control items shipped right to your door. Be sure to check out our blog for more of our recent posts.