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And Prevent Damage to Gulf Ecosystems

Birmingham, AL – January 2, 2017 Fertilizer for Less is a factory authorized dealer of AGGRAND natural and organic fertilizers. They are officially launching their product line in 2017 with one goal: To reverse the growing epidemic of topsoil loss. Blake Akers, founder of Fertilizer for Less says, “The number one export out of the US is topsoil. We’re not loading it onto shipping containers, it’s getting picked up by the wind and blown into the ocean at an alarming rate.”

Blake went on to note that bad soil management practices are also causing pollution problems in the Gulf of Mexico. “We’ve got this thing called the dead zone where the Mississippi river meets the gulf. Each year nitrates from commercial farms wash into the river and eventually find their way to the gulf. We’ve had recent years where the size of this zone was larger than the State of Connecticut. This is a big problem for fisheries and marine life here in the South”, said Blake.

Blake’s new venture offers a practical solution to these environmental problems: reduce the use of chemical fertilizers with a lower-cost natural product. Their AGGRAND line of fertilizers are priced at a steep discount compared to chemical fertilizers. Since they use all natural ingredients, these products will not cause the run-off of chemicals that are currently threatening marine life. Furthermore, Blake intends to sell farmers on the idea of building America’s soil back up. “We’ve got a product that will actually increase top soil each year if used correctly”, said Blake. “Using AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer in our commercial farming industry can reverse the trend of soil loss through wind erosion. We need this if we want to avoid another crisis like the dust bowl. We have to return to sustainable land management practices.”

Blake will be working to market his products on the web to commercial row crop farmers around the US. He relies a network of over a dozen distribution centers around the US and Canada to deliver his products on time. You can buy his fertilizer products by the quart or in 275 gallon totes. They usually arrive within 3-5 business days for most customers in North America. “What makes this product unique is efficiency”, said Blake. “With chemical fertilizers about 80% of the nutrients are not used by the plants. The rest is left to leach salts and nitrates into the ground water. If we use a foliar application of AGGRAND, we can get over a 90% absorption rate with the plants. That gives us a cost per acre of under $30. You just can’t beat that with conventional fertilizers.”

Blake is hoping to sell conventionally-minded farmers on the value of AGGRAND first and foremost. His goals for improving the environment and avoiding a food crisis come secondary to marketing the product. “If we can sell farmers on the value of this product, they will do the right thing without even thinking about it.” Blake can be reached at sales@fertilizerforless.com or you can visit his site to learn more. Interested gardeners should check out the wealth of information related to plant care in the news section of his site. “We want to make a difference, one farm at a time.”

Press Release: Fighting Soil Erosion




Making a difference: One farm at a time. Fertilizer for Less FIghts to Eliminate Erosion