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Why Use Advanced Nutrients Organic Wholesale Fertilizer?

We hear this question quite a bit. People like to think, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. So, it is difficult to convince someone to switch away from products they have used for years. However, when you tell them they can save money WHILE building soil, you get their attention. Advanced Nutrients is THE Wholesale Organic Fertilizer option.

Cost Effective Soil Management

Advanced Nutrients is a safe, and cost efficient alternative to chemical fertilizer. They offer an environmentally safe line of natural liquid fertilizers. These products are easy to use, efficient, and free of harmful chemicals. So, you can fertilize your lawn with organics and let the kids play barefoot that day. Why not purchase enough to cover your lawn today?

The benefits of Organic Plant Care are many and include:

-Potential cost savings versus regular fertilizer products.
-Improved soil biology! This results in drought tolerance and better nutrient availability
-Less environmental safety concerns on your farm or lawn.

Why Use Organics? Build your Soil

Advanced Nutrients offers a total line of natural-based products. They provide an alternative to potentially harmful fertilizers. Because it’s natural and organic, Advanced Nutrients is the responsible choice. Organic fertilizers promote healthy soil. They promote microbial growth and the breakdown of nutrients for plants. Also, the small particle size and liquid formulation allows for rapid uptake. This is especially true when used directly on leaves (foliar feeding). In addition, Advanced Nutrients products contain nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium as primary nutrients. Calcium, magnesium and sulfur are secondary nutrients. All of these minerals are the major drivers for plant growth and development:
  • Nitrogen is an element in proteins. It dictates the function of plant cells. Nitrogen deficiency slows plant growth.
  • Phosphorus helps change light energy to chemical energy. It is needed for plant growth, flower and seed production.
  • Potassium regulates stomata activity for gas exchange. This reduces water loss and increases drought tolerance.
  • Calcium regulates nutrients entering the plant. In addition, it helps the activation of plant enzymes.
  • Magnesium is an important part of chlorophyll. This is where photosynthesis takes place.
  • Sulfur is important in the make-up of chloroplasts, amino acids and vitamins.

Why Use Advanced Nutrients?

Growers are increasingly recognizing the importance of environmental responsibility. As they tend to their gardens, lawns and crops they are realizing the value of organics. They also recognize their homes, businesses and farms will be judged according to the appearance of gardens, landscapes and fields. Advanced Nutrients natural fertilizers offer the perfect solution – natural products that deliver great results. Try Advanced Nutrients this season. If you have specific crops, then just search our News section. We offer guides unique to most crops.

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Amazon is Best Place to Buy Advanced Nutrients.