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Liquid Lawn Fertilizer by Epsoma

Do you take pride in your lawn? Work hard to keep it green? Do you struggle with periods of drought or high heat? Wouldn’t it be nice to improve your lawn’s resistance to extremes? What about toxicity? Do you worry about your kids playing barefoot with all those chemicals? Do you want a liquid lawn fertilizer that’s also safe for kids and pets? What if there was a way to improve your lawn’s resiliency with a natural product? How about if that product also saved you some money? We can do all this and more with an organic liquid grass fertilizer.

High Efficiency Liquid Grass Fertilizer

Why do we say Epsoma is so efficient? Because we recommend foliar feeding? Your Fescue or Bermuda will absorb the nutrients more easily. Once organic fertilisers are applied, they help increase soil biology. The bacteria in your soil is important for overall health and resiliency. In fact, these bacteria form the basis of a soil food web. Towards the top of this food chain, is the not-so-mighty earthworm!

Earthworms process carbon in the soil to produce worm castings. This is an excellent source of long-term fertility. In fact, one acre of healthy worms can produce 700 pounds of castings a day! So, step 1 for a lush lawn is to get the soil right. You just can’t do this with chemical fertilizers. That’s why your lawn needs more and more of that stuff each year to look green. When inorganic minerals are processed into fertilizer, lots of salts are added. Because of these salts, bacteria activity gets severely limited. You literally get a boost of fertility because of all the dead bacteria decomposing! It’s very short lived. In the long-term, you have killed back allies that the worms rely on to live. We recommend the wisdom of long-term thinking when it comes to lawn maintenance. We prefer Epsoma Organic Lawn Food over harsh chemicals. You will probably use less and less of this product each year. The exact opposite will happen with chemicals.

Quality Ingredients for your Lawn

Epsoma Natural Fertilizer is an excellent choice for lawn and garden. It is formulated with safe and non-toxic ingredients. The primary ingredient are feather meal and poultry manure. This natural source provides an excellent nutrient profile. It balances out the N-P-K ratio. And their products also contain beneficial microbes for lasting soil health improvements. Did you know that as little as 7% of the nutrients in chemical fertilizers are used by plants? They simply can’t use the bound up inorganic minerals. These minerals run off into our streams and rivers. Eventually they end up in the ocean and cause large dead zones which threaten marine life. Switch over to organic liquid lawn fertilizers. It’s going to be better for the planet and your pocketbook.

AGGRAND: Low Cost Alternative for Lawns, gardens, and golf courses

Affordable Lawn Care Meets Organic Lawn Care

Do you think organic automatically means expensive? Let’s talk numbers. You can treat most lawns for $50 or less with organic fertilizer. That’s affordable, and you have less risk of burning your grass and spending even more money on new seed or turf.

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