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Natural Lawncare Products

Moving over from your current chemlawn to the Fertilizer for Less version, can be one of the easiest decisions you’ve ever made. If you’ve decided traditional services are expensive or bad for the environment, then the choice to go with Organic Fertilizer is an easy one. On the other hand, if you stay up at night worrying about spotting a dandelion, then yea – this might take a minute. Your lawn will go through a transition period, but over time things really green up! Oh yea, and be nice to the bees! A few dandelions isn’t necessarily a disaster. It’s often the first food available to our insect friends we depend on to pollinate our food. Choose natural lawncare products to help the environment and prevent your kids from absorbing toxins through bare feet.

Basic Lawncare Needs

So, we should take a quick look at what it takes to have an outstanding lawn. Our lawn needs water, sunlight, a growing medium, and of course nutrients. Those nutrients often come in the form of fertilizer. I’d like to focus on an often overlooked aspect of turf health, the soil or growing medium. For far too long we have thought of it as an inert thing. However, the soil is our most important ally because it is filled with beneficial organisms. Should we care for the grass, or do we really need to focus on getting the soil right?

Organic Lawncare Products for turf maintenance

Turn Dirt into Soil – Get Rewarded with Green Grass

This is where Epsoma comes into the picture. Not only does it fill the fertilizer or nutrient niche in your turf management strategy, it builds soil. Epsoma works with the soil biology by feeding bacteria, fungi, micro-arthropods, beneficial nematodes, and protozoa. These “soil good guys” increase fertility and plant available nutrients. They turn dirt into soil. These microorganisms feed on each other. They die, decompose, and reproduce faster in the presence of a quality fertilizer like Epsoma Lawn Food.

How to Use Organic Lawncare Products

We suggest an initial application of Epsoma in the early Spring. Active signs of growth in the Spring also indicate an awakening of the soil biology. So, feed those critters, because they feed your turf! By reapplying your fertilizer every 30 days, you keep stimulating soil biology throughout the warm seasons. Add some grass clippings into the mix, and you provide organic food to your soil microbes. This will provide your lawn with half of the needed nitrogen just from the clippings.

Natural Lawncare Products by Fertilizer for Less

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